Includes all features necessary to create a perfect environment for shopping your posts.


Integrate easy to use carousel sliders displaying your items in the most beautiful way throughout your website and blog allowing your visitors to shop your wardrobe or gadgets.


Display your items in a carousel slider, normal grid layout or responsive grid starting with up to 18 columns.

LIVE Filter

Use our LIVE Filter option to provide immediate filtering when switching between the categories for the grid layout.

Shortcode Generator

Made with ease of use in mind providing you various options to quickly create gallery grids and carousels for promoting your products, styles or sponsored brands.


Style the visual appearance of your grid and carousel by choosing different styles from highlighting on hover to bordered images to grayscaled and many other options.

Tooltip and Info Types

Choose if, when and how to display your item’s title and description by showing the title and description below or above the item image or when hovered.

Retina Ready

Activating the retina version includes thumbnails optimized to appear showcasing your items perfectly across all mobile devices.

Click Tracking

Activate this powerful option to track clicks for each item from within the admin panel.


Decide which items you want to display first in your carousel or grid layout by choosing between ordering your items by title, ID, date, last modified or random.


Built with different screen sizes in mind making its appearance responsive across all mobile devices.

Image Crop + Compress

The integrated cropping option optimizes your images in the best possible size-to-quality ratio for maintaining a high page load rate and high image quality.

Visual Composer Ready

Install and activate both, our Shop My post and Visual Composer plugin, and start using our element from within the element library of the Visual Composer plugin.

Bulk Upload

Easily upload your entire folder of images in bulk and never waste time again uploading images individually.

Integrated SEO

Search engine optimized out of the box providing an optimal readability to web crawlers when visiting your website.